I have been contemplating on whether to do this or not for awhile now & this decision was so hard to make but finally after bothering all of my friends and going to a gazillion blogs, I decided to earn the courage and make my own! I, Fatimah Tahir, finally took this step to start something of my own after being so afraid. Now the reason I present you my blog & why I wanted to start in the first place, one would be my love for fashion and second would be to share my inspiration of fashion. Being a hijabi girl sometimes it’s difficult to pair outfits and colors but not to brag or anything, I have loved fashion since the beginning and have always did my best to make sure if anything isnt right about the moment, atleast my outfit is! But the point of this is not to tell how im good at it, its about HOW i got good at it and how i want to pursue this further through blogging, how i want to inspire others to put thought in our outfits, makeup and ourselves! why? because self satisfaction is one of the best things in your life! So join in me in my blogging journey as I try my best to entertain and inspire you guys with trendy outfits, life hacks & tips on makeup and slaying your life while looking the best! 🥰 . . . . . . . #lifestyle #fashion #blog #makeup #hijab #natural #casual #modestfahsion #pakistan #hijabfashion


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#Indiamo Day 8. Il tour prosegue con una meta preziosa... La visita della città di Agra ha decisamente ripagato le aspettative. Il forte rosso, le lavanderie a cielo aperto, il Taj Mahal e gli odori e i colori che questa città ha da offrire li ho copiati e incollati nell’angolino della mia mente che mi piace chiamare “stupore del mondo”. Ci conservo i ricordi di ciò che vedo, ciò che mi impressiona positivamente per tutta la sua bellezza e purezza. Agra ne fa decisamente parte. #PostcardsFromTheWorld #PostcardsFromAgra #Agra #TajMahal #India #RedFort #Laundries #tomb #mausoleum #whitepace #moon #view #landscape #roadtrip #travel #travelphotography #colors #indianwinter #sunset #tajmahalsunset


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👉🏾 Guarapari 🏖 Praia do Morro.. 🔄 Saída na Próxima Quinta feira dia 30/01 as 18 Horas. 🔄 Retorno domingo 02/02 as 16 Horas. 🏬 Hospedagem em Hotel com ☕Café da manhã. 🍲🍲 Almoço e jantar em Restaurante. 🚨Ainda tenho algumas vagas.. 😍 Temos suite Casal. #ferias #viajaremfamilia #viajarfazbem #guarapari #viajar #praira #praiadomorro #travel #trip #turistando #viajando 😁Informações dúvidas ou reservas. 📱31-996845357 📱31-971430359 Ligações ou WhatsApp


Se acerca el día del Amor y @canotravelca te trae unas promociones especiales para que celebres el día de San Valentín en ese fabuloso destino. Pregunta por nuestras tarifas y vive la experiencia Cano al lado de esa persona que tanto amas. . . #viajes #travel #boleto #amor #diadelamor #sanvalentin #parejas #vuelo #cruceros #avion #destino