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Now more than ever, we are searching for that silver lining. What good can come out of such an uncertain time? Two years ago over spring break (in Key West, where I should be right now), I joined a community of women that have changed my life tremendously and have become some of my best friends. Most of these women live all across the country so it's only a few times a year that we can all be together. We're used to connecting online over Zoom a few times a week but now it's become daily. We wake up and work together, we set up times to do our workouts together, sometimes we sit around just talking about life, and then of course there's even our virtual cocktail hour now! So what good has come out of this time? The ability to deepen these friendships, this sisterhood. It's more than just a business opportunity. So together we're doing our part to stay home, stay safe, and stay STRONG during this time. We know as soon as this is all over we'll be planning our next retreat so we can see each other in person! If you want to know more about what we do and how you can be there with us right now, send me a message or comment below! I'd love to share my story with you and give you a sneak peek into our sisterhood!


Look what I just found hidden under all the homeschool work?!! Isn’t this just adorable? My 9 year old is a die-hard KU fan, but his teacher is NOT. It’s obvious my guy is missing his class & his teacher. He says he is stitching it up as a gift for Teacher’s Day. And the poop emoji! That just takes the cake. 💩 If you want one, I have a limited supply available in the shop. Link in profile.


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