“Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” - Roald Dahl || PSA: STAY TF HOME. #stayhomestaysafe


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Episode 7 of “ Go Live With Us”. Join us at 6pm tonight as we go live with @georginastokes! She will be showing you another item from the S/S ‘20 collection and will be giving you some styling ideas. Grab a cup of tea or wine and have your questions ready! See ya at 6!


🎨2020! Growing up there weren’t many painters that had my skin color in the mainstream art world that I knew of and it wasn’t surprising since there was always such a stigma around celebrating the arts if it wasn’t the classical mediums in the south asian community. It's been beautiful to meet so many more and learn more about South Asian artists and it's exciting to see it grow! Since creating my business and platform, I promised myself I would always share my voice and passion for the arts to inspire more young and upcoming artists that will take the world by storm. I still get comments about “how’s that art thing you do” or “but like what’s your full time job outside of painting”. I do work full-time and have a day job to compliment my business but that is an active choice because I love what do during the day. But why is that building a passion and career in the arts always feels inferior in the south asian community if you don’t compliment it with a technical and more ‘obvious’ job?To hell with that! Do you boo 👊🏽🎨. During the self-isolation, more and more of us are diving into the creative world to soothe our minds and soul. Let’s keep that love going and share it with our kids who are watching us. ____ #artistsupport #torontoartist #southasianartist #tamilartist #ThivsOriginals #ArtByThiviyaa #makingartwork


one thing you are grateful for? say it out loud. or write it down. do it now <3


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